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28 Jul here is me.

here is me.

28 Jul

Last night my mom gave me a xanax to calm down because I was having a seriously bad day

and it KNOCKED ME THE FUCK OUT. I passed out watching tv and woke up at 6:30.

I still feel the drugs in me and I’m all loopy but I FEEL GREAT.

Somebody talk to meeeeeeeee

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28 Jul

Oh, he said he’d cure your ills
But he didn’t and he never will

28 Jul McQueen Fall 2014  We Heart It.

McQueen Fall 2014 We Heart It.

28 Jul

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28 Jul


Daenerys Targaryen vs. Emilia Clarke

28 Jul

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28 Jul

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28 Jul


The Evolution of Women’s Hairstyles

28 Jul

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